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Crisis services are available during regular business hours at all outpatient clinic locations.


Child Crisis Stabilization Unit (CCSU)

The Children's Crisis Unit is a 12-bed, 24-hour alternative to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. It is a non-medical unit with the goal of helping youth ages 4 to 18 return to pre-crisis level of functioning. Youth admitted to the unit receive a combination of individual therapy, family and group therapy, nursing services, and psychiatric evaluations with medication management follow-up.

Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit (ACSU)

Behavioral Health Emergencies don't always happen between 9 and 5. When immediate attention is needed, the Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit (ACSU) is a 24-hour alternative to hospitalization. Our staff is available to assist behavioral health consumers through a time of crisis and help them return to their normal routine. Our treatment team focuses on linking the consumer with community resources and returning them to their home as quickly as possible.

Baptist Health-Hardin – Lifespring Unit Medical Coverage

Through a partnership with Baptist Health-Hardin, Communicare is able to provide in-patient psychiatric care to all consumers within our region. This program has been recognized by the National Alliance on Behavioral Health and Eli Lilly as a recipient of the annual "Heroes in the Fight" award, which celebrates dignity, courage, hope, and recovery in the treatment of people with severe and persistent behavioral health within specific local or state communities. This program now includes ER consultations.

Access Center (our crisis line):  1-800-641-4673

A department dedicated to immediate response and crisis care, the Access Center focuses on triaging crisis calls for those in immediate mental health need.  The Access Center is staffed 24/7 365 days of the year to insure that anyone inside or outside of our region is given the appropriate resources for either outpatient or inpatient care during times of need.  This department also provides support to the crisis units and adolescent recovery center during screening and intakes.


The iHOPE team is a multidisciplinary team providing intensive therapeutic supports to adolescents and young adults who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis.  Modeled after the EASA program in Oregon, iHOPE is a community-based program providing care to clients and their families in the environment most comfortable to them.  With a strong emphasis on empowerment, cultural awareness and community work such as employment and education it is the goal of the iHope team to help clients live their best lives.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

ACT is an evidence-based model that was created to serve adults whose needs are greater than a traditional outpatient service can offer.  These adults may have frequently experienced inpatient psychiatric hospitalization and/or struggled to maintain a life in the community. ACT is a multidisciplinary team that takes a community-based approach when serving consumers. ACT is available for clients 24/7. 

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) or "Tim's Law"

AOT is a community-based mental health treatment program driven by petition to, and monitored by, local district courts.  Client services are mandated by court order and the AOT team provides specialized services to fully engage the individual who struggles to engage, comply, or respond to mental health services or supports.  The goal of AOT is to support the client in obtaining a stable community life.

988 Suicide & Crisis Line 

Like 911 and other national, 3-digit phone numbers, 988 was created to be easily remembered and accessed. Available 24/7/365 and free-of-charge, callers to 988 will connect with a compassionate, highly trained staff who can help address their concerns. Whether those concerns are thoughts of suicide, mental health crisis, substance use crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress, accessible care and support is available. Following the call, staff are able to make aftercare referrals and/or appointments for needed therapies so that callers can receive ongoing support.

DID Crisis Line 24/7: 1-866-458-0615

Waiver Applications can be completed at the Benefind Self Service Portal at or by phone at 1-800-635-2570

Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities Crisis Services

As a regional CMHC, Communicare has access to funding specifically allocated to assist with DID residents who may be experiencing a Crisis. This funding is limited, and access is contingent upon specific demographic criteria and the presence of a DID diagnosis. Individuals who do not have a suspected or documented DID diagnosis, or those who are currently in an SCL residential service do not qualify for these crisis funds. Crisis services and funding are a finite support, typically covering 5-7 days of an individual's health, safety and welfare needs.

We understand that the crisis experience is different and unique for everyone and every situation. We are here to help. You will be immediately directed to a crisis responder 24/7 by utilizing either the Access Center or the DID Crisis Line phone numbers. At that point, we will identify the individual in need, get current contact information and discuss the nature of the crisis. While some situations can be solved via a telephone call, there are other scenarios that may require on site assistance or further follow-up. Whatever the need, Communicare has compassionate and experienced employees who will assist you or your loved one in coping with their crisis.

24 Hour DID Crisis Line: 1-800-641-4673